Friday, December 14, 2007

Clean up, Clean up

During nap time I had a chance to clean up a part of the garden. I found a lonely tomato plant that has some flowers on it, so I decided to let it live. The strawberries had several runners and a few flowers. I am undecided on what to do with the rosemary bush, it really has gotten a lot larger then I thought it would.

When we first moved in I found what appears to be an old metal trellis, this weekend I will paint it and prop it up in the garden for some tasty peas to grow on!

This photo really shows how dinky the garden is!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just call me Mumkin

We put this portion of the fence up for two reasons, One, to stop the local kitty-cats from entering the garden at night (Now normally I would be OK with sharing our catnip, but I put my foot down once I began finding puke on the back doorstep, damn party animals!). And number two is to prevent the neighbors from throwing trash in our yard. One of the perks of City-Living! The section of San Diego we live in is comprised of old military housing built in the 1940's (A few layers of paint later and we pay a $1140.00 a month!), and lucky for us these lovely duplexes are about spitting distance from one another. So up went the fence because I don't like litter bugs.

Hubby built the wooden frame out of 1x1's, then unrolled reed, which he framed with lath. He put a stain/water-proof combo on the reed and a stain on the wood. This was then bolted to the existing chain link fence. It looks great! Especially compared to the 3 ft. high ghetto gate we had to look at before. Fences this low make no sense to me, what are they keeping out?

Putting up the fence made me think of the story of Mumkin by Stephan Cosgrove. It's about a pony who hates to share, Mumkin the pony builds a high fence around his part of the meadow but finds himself a prisoner when the other ponies build similar fences. So every book in this series has a moral to the story, and this one is, "TEAR DOWN YOUR BORDERS OF THICKET AND VINE CREATING A FREE WORLD, YOURS AND MINE". I like fences.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A garden can go crazy in a small amount of time!

It took less then a year for my veggie garden to go rogue. The only plant that looks like it survived the last year is the strawberry patch. I think I also saw a Japanese Eggplant and some Black-eye Peas back by the turtle pen, but I also saw some ugly bugs on the surviving tomato plants so I will wait until tomorrow to explore. Speaking of the turtle, we brought her inside during the wildfires, and then she ended up hibernating under my bed.
My plan for the side yard this season is to make a kitchen garden, with all the veggies that we use daily. I'm hoping that I can get a good crop of lettuce, green onions and carrots, along with all the basic herbs. The weather has been chilly enough that I think I should get some nice treats! I would also like to use more hanging baskets this year. With the drip irrigation in place now I should have no problems when I forget to water, oops!